Hello world!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to this blog. Before writing a bunch of stuff, I want to let you understand a little more how this blog came about. Usually, I like to keep myself very private, mostly because I feel shy talking about my personal life. However, I realized how sharing an experience can make a difference in someone’s life, as this happened to me. The urge to create a blog started with my boyfriend’s challenging questions (Btw,  he happens to be about 3,000 miles away), “Are you happy? Like, are you excited to have another day or do you wake up thinking ‘ugh I have to do this again’?”

At first, I didn’t know how to answer. I was assuming he was struggling miles away and feeling low. Although there was no real intention behind those questions but a desire for dialogue, I felt defensive.  I had not taken the time to check my “Happy” meter, and I definitely didn’t want him telling me how happy I should be everyday. The reason behind this was that, lately I WAS THE ONE STRUGGLING. There had been a few days that I felt like sleeping in more and being late to work. OH, and don’t forget those days where I was saying, “Ugh, here we go again 9-5PM…” Honestly, I had not taken the time to check in with myself and realize that I had been transitioning; right out of college, first real professional job, new city, car problems, and grief. However, if it wasn’t for this question, I would not have had the courage to get this blog up and going. IT WAS TIME FOR ME TO GET UP AND DO BETTER.

Disclaimer: I am not the best writer or an intense critical thinker, if anything, I am bad a typing lol. Recently, I have felt happy to wake up. Nonetheless, I must admit that it has taken effort to be where I am today and I hope to encourage you to have a great day. At least, get you thinking and planning to what you can do to make Today better.


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