Make a wish!!!

Finally finishing another business trip in Vegas. Flight got delayed by three hours and forty-five minutes! That gives us plenty of time to chat;)Today, I was inspired to talk about the things we crave for but can’t get it all at once- Well, unless you’re rich or in debt!
My friend and I were walking around the shops inside the resorts, she turned to me and said, “Wouldn’t it be great if we had a million dollars and we could just walk in there and pick what we wanted?!” I thought that would be AWESOME. Well, not now Ashley, but maybe one day! #wishfulthinking. It doesn’t hurt to make our list and save for it. It’s like a motivation kind of thing!!! (=^ェ^=)

There are so many things I hope to buy soon.

1. An IKEA bedroom. I’m not gonna lie, my bedroom is already pretty cute but I want to dec it out even more. I wish I could buy all of the cute things they have in IKEA: The white floral sheets and the lamps that somehow are inserted into your wall!

2. A new camera- I want to get a new one to take many “professional” pictures and upload them to this blog. For now, I think I’ll buy a Diana F+

3. A new COACH watch 🙂 This weekend I was determined to buy a watch but couldn’t find one to my taste. This was probably great because I was able to spot a really cute white watch on glamour magazine (October edition).

4. Accessories to a special something. Whether it’s for your computer, a camera (lens), paints for your next artsy project, etc. Make an effort to set your goal and save.

5. Macbook Pro



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