Facing your fear

I must share with you something I forgot to mention earlier. In the fall, I faced a fear. Have you experienced fear? Has it stopped you from doing things? Well usually this does happen to me. I am scare of many things but one of the beings that brings the most fright to me are BEES! Yes. People don’t know this, but in college, I didn’t like eating outside very much because I knew the moment a bee buzzed near me, I would be done. There would be some serious table flipping! Just kidding, but honestly, this goes back to an experience that I had when I was 10 years old.  My step-father belonged to the armed forces, and we would have an annual family picnic. It would be out in the open, where everyone had a great time. As usual, this event was in the summer. Me, being a child,  and thirsty, didn’t want to drink water. Of course I went for the fruit punch!!!  This was a call to all those bees and wasps. Many of them came to sit on my cup as I was holding it… I ran around like a dummy and (you can imagine me swinging my hand) helicoptered  my drink around. Finally, I placed the cup down and watched those tiny insects conquer me and my drink. This eventually led me to never drink anything with fructose out in the open; Fearing the bees would get me.

This fall, I went to a festival with my friend and I was able to get near dozens of bees. Something I would have avoided if it wasn’t for the nice owner of the bees. He explained to me how they work and how important they are. I was impressed by the community of bees in one box. Nonetheless, I understand they are not meaning to harm me. Duh, you think I should have known that already. Let me tell you, when you fear something, no matter how unreasonable your excuse is, to you that reason weighs a ton!
face a fear

Here I got closer to the colony. I was trying to find the Queen Bee. This was a nice experience. I am ready to go on roller coasters. Be an adult and just take on life one day at a time.



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