Celebrate everything and anything.


 Happy Holidays! For my birthday I received a real size Sheldon Cooper. Pretty awesome, huh?  I decorated him to celebrate the holidays. This December has passed by quickly.but I enjoyed every single day of it. Not to mention my friend is visiting from Japan/Hawaii. We met when I was in study abroad in 2010 in Hokkaido, Japan. Now, she is studying abroad in Hawaii. He have many things in common, but most importantly, she is very caring and always seeks contact with me. Arigatzz Chinams!

 This is also a great month because I will get to spend time with my boyfriend. He currently is studying in Saskatoon, Canada, so I don’t get to see him as often. Only on our vacation days! Finally it’s winter break!!!

Meanwhile, at home, we have done our mini white elephant celebration. We brought food and played a few games. Our presents were no more than 10 to 15 USD. Overall, we had a great time and great drinks.

Here I am opening my secret gift… what could it be?!
















A roulette!



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