Doesn’t it suck to be all grown up?

be a kid

Being an adult sucks! I get reminded every month. I have to pay bills for this, for that, for everything! Sometimes being away from my family makes me feel sad. Then I began to wonder, what I’m I doing with my life, I should have done this and that…blah blah blah. WOW. Chill out there! In reality, and in all seriousness, you know that being an adult is pretty cool too because you can buy you own wine bottle. Travel. I can get to really cool places in MY car. I get to dress up, etc.  I guess being and adult has advantages.  This month, however, I didn’t think so much about being an adult. I hanged out with Chinami, which meant I would be doing a lot of fun things. We went to Los Angeles County Museum of Art and enjoyed the children’s play area. Being in SoCal, there are so many things to see, but we avoid them to avoid the darn LA traffic. I am glad I did this though, it was on my bucket list.  Around LACMA, there are a few spots to sit in the grass and see some “ponds” or “lakes.” We ended up rolling down a big hill! It was a lot of fun. It made me remember all the silly things I would do when I was a child.


Do you have a particular activity that you used to love doing as a kid? Oh, what about your favorite Popsicle?  I loved Torpedos, they used to cost 25 cents! This week if you are having a crappy day, do something childish: play Battleship, Sorry, or hang out with your kids/nephews/young siblings. Work and stressful people will probably be around tomorrow.

Remember, we never grow up, we just learn how to act in front of people.


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