Do you know how lucky you are to drink water?

Take a look at this link. If you haven’t seen it before, take a few minutes to see the pictures?

I feel so fortunate to just get up and pour myself some water. Don’t you?  People in many parts of the world don’t have this access. They have to wait long before obtaining clean water to drink. Start today, and make a difference. Start by appreciating the water you have. Reflect on where it comes from and feel like the luckiest person for having access to it. Can you imagine how different your life could be without it.

Who are we kidding when we say we are thirsty?! At least for myself- I have yet to experience real thirst.

My bad day doesn’t seem as bad anymore. I wish I could make a bigger impact when it came to caring for our planet.

Let’s get incolved. Check out UNICEF opportunities such as the tap project.

Free the children – clean water project – See the experience of my friend Alex, and his friends too.


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