Check out my glam bag

I am really content with my subscription to Ipsy. Have you heard of it? If not, I will tell you all about it. Remember a few posts back, I posted a video of Michelle Phan. I subscribed to her channel and couldn’t wait to see her makeup tutorials. Then I found out that I could subscribed to their monthly glambag mailing. I also wanted to get the goodies inside for one of my friends. In general, I am not a big makeup person, I find myself being allergic to most of the brands that are popular. Sucks to have sensitive skin…sigh. Anyways, I still wanted to sign up. My first bag was awesome! Now, here is the June edition. I still think it’s pretty impressive for $10 USD* when a lot of the material included costs more. Unfortunately, I don’t see use for everything in the bag but I still love it.  If you are interested sign up for it

***Glam Bags are available in the U.S., U.S. Territories, & Canada. U.S. shipping is free. Taxes apply to bags shipped to California, New York, & N. Carolina. Canadian shipping is $4.95. Learn more


So here it is:  This months bag has a cream palette. The colors are very sparkly. I am a bit scared some shimmer might land in my eye though… (0_-)


Loved this! Gel Eyeliner, works well for sensitive eyes too 🙂



Loving the Chella eye highlight too. Starlooks Bare Lip liner (mix this with a little red in the center of your lips and bare on the outside for a nice look)! Then we have the NYX blush. Overall, I think this leopard print bag was totally worth my ten dollars. Not to mention it comes in a Bright pink envelope! I am sure my mailman wonders what’s in it. Every month, I look forward to this package. 

Let me know what you guys think! Love it? Hate it?


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