About This Blog

Wondering why the name?

While this may not be a blog about painting and drawing, it is definitely about color. Color makes things look alive and vibrant. Life should be the same way. You have seen a rainbow, right? Well, have you ever heard someone say, “Ew, that’s one ugly rainbow?”  Not. That is why I chose to title this  blog Coloring My Canvas. It might also have to do with feeling a little artistic at the time of creating the name.

From a cheesy point of view, It’s the little things in life  that paint the  big picture. Everyday, we fill our own life,  our (metaphorically speaking) canvas with the world’s beauty. Human behavior and interaction has so much influence on our emotions. Sometimes you might need a “cheer me up day” and you can come to this page. Here I will try to give you some tips that have worked on me and some friends! I will try to do some tutorials from time to time. I will also share some of my favorite things that I find online.

I know someday we will have rough days, and I hope to share those too, we are only human. It’s fine. If you ever want to send your story please feel free to message me!

Hope your tough days get better! If not, we’ll work on it together. Start with a smile! It’s contagious, and besides, someone might be in need of one too.


P.s. I would like to give credit to ninjasaycheese.tumblr.com for letting me use this wonderful doodle as a background image.